New West Partnership Trade Agreement

Manitoba has joined the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) with British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. NWPTA’s goal is to reduce barriers to trade, investment and labour movement making it easier to do business across these provinces. Registries are working with the Government of Canada to deliver streamlined extra-provincial registration and reporting requirements for share business corporations and cooperatives. NWPTA does not apply to non-profit corporations or cooperatives.

Work is underway to implement the Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS), the new digital solution to share information among registries and for users to search its database. Canada's Business Registries is the portal available now to search information within MRAS.

To support Manitoba’s involvement in NWPTA, changes to The Corporations Act, The Business Names Registration Act and The Cooperatives Act and their regulations are complete. Manitoba is implementing NWPTA in two phases:

  1. Eliminating most filing fees for Extra Provincial share business corporations and co-operatives from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan effective April 8, 2020
  2. Streamlined online registration and reporting through MRAS for end of June 2020, details to be announced in the near future


Which fees are eliminated April 8, 2020?
Generally most extra-provincial filing fees are eliminated. Click here for a detailed fee schedule

How do I register an extra provincial corporation or cooperative in Manitoba under NWPTA?

  1. Submit a Request for Name Reservation online for a fee of $45;
  2. Once the name has been reserved, complete an Application for Registration and Power of Attorney. A Certificate of Status from the home jurisdiction is still required if the entity was incorporated more than 90 days ago .
  3. Attach a clearly scanned signed copy (ie. no lines or grey background) of all documents and email to

Do I continue to submit Annual Returns and Notices (ie. Change of Directors/Officers, Registered Office Address, etc.) in Manitoba?
Yes until streamlined online options are available in early summer 2020, continue to send all maintenance filings as usual (with no fee). To submit:

  1. Complete the relevant form
  2. Attach a clearly scanned signed copy (ie. no lines or grey background) and email to

Can I continue to submit filings online?
No, NWPTA share business corporations and cooperatives will no longer be able to file online. The completed, signed forms may be scanned and emailed to

I submitted payment and shouldn’t have, what do I do?
Companies Office is reviewing filings received in our office (online and by mail/fax) from April 8 and onward. If a payment was received/processed that shouldn’t have been, you will be contacted and payment returned.

We apologize if we have missed something during this transition. Should there be a problem with your NWPTA filing, please connect with our office by email at