Business Names

Note: Many of these documents can be filed online if you either registered the business name or filed a previous renewal online. If you have the appropriate access, please file online as it provides the fastest processing times (in many cases the filing will be completed immediately).


How to:

  • Renew the Registration - Business Names must be renewed every three years from the date of registration. Renewals are sent to the mailing or email address on record approximately three months before the due date. The filing fee is $60.00. File online by following the instructions available here. If not filed, the registration will expire. Please note:
    • The renewal can be filed within six months of expiry
    • After six months, a new Registration must be filed by filing a Request for Name Reservation and Business Name Registration form with the required filing fees.
  • Change the Mailing Address - File online or file a Change of Address form to update the mailing and/or email address where Renewals are sent. There is no filing fee.
  • Change the Business Location Address - File online or file a Change of Address form to update the information. There is no filing fee.
  • Change the name of a registrant (i.e. surname) - File a letter advising of the individual's new name.
  • Change the Business Name -
    • Step 1: File a Request for Name Reservation. This form can be filed online. More information about Name Reservations is available here.
    • Step 2: File a Change of Business Name with the fee of $60.00 before the name reservation expires.
  • Change the Registrants (owners) -
Sole Proprietorship

The registrant of the business name can be changed by filing the following forms together:

A Change of Registrants form can be filed with the fee of $60.00 if:

  • The registration continues to be a partnership after the change, and
  • At least one of the existing partners continues to be a partner after the change

Otherwise, the following forms must be filed together:


Refer to the following for more information:

  • Forms and Fees page for all forms filed under The Business Names Registration Act, including those filed on Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships.
  • New West Partnership page for extra provincial Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • The Business Names Registration Act

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