What is the goal of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA)?
NWPTA’s goal is to reduce barriers to trade, investment and labour movement making it easier to do business across participating provinces.

Which provinces are included under NWPTA?
Currently, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia have signed the agreement. More provinces/territories will join in the future.

What types of entities are included in NWPTA?
The agreement extends to the following entities from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan:

  • Corporations with Share Capital (commonly referred to as a “business” corporation)
  • Co-operatives with Share Capital (commonly referred to as a “business” cooperative)
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

NWPTA does not apply to corporations without share capital.

What are the benefits to Manitoba businesses?
There are many benefits:

  • reduced red tape
  • reduced cost – most fees are eliminated (fees exist only for Name Reservations and copies of Registry documents)
  • easy online extra provincial registration and updates
    • the registry number prepopulates home jurisdiction information
    • automatic extra provincial updates for Annual Returns, changes to Registered Office Address filed in the home jurisdiction
    • automatic notifications to extra provincial jurisdictions when a change is filed in the home jurisdiction
    • See Online Services page to create an account and learn about services in Manitoba
  • faster turnaround time
  • sharing information among NWPTA registries allows for accurate information collecting

What is the Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS)?
MRAS is a digital solution to allow information sharing among NWPTA provinces and streamlined online registration:

  • Information between provinces can be accessed using the home registry number (assigned by the home jurisdiction where the entity was formed) to complete filings
  • Electronic notifications are sent automatically once an update is made in the home jurisdiction

What types of entities are included in MRAS?
Registry information on NWPTA Business Corporations and Limited Partnerships are digitally shared with MRAS.

Registry information on NWPTA Business Cooperatives and Limited Liability Partnerships are not digitally shared with MRAS. Streamlined registration and updates are offered within the home jurisdiction. See Forms and Fees page for further information.

Can MRAS information be searched online?
Yes, the Canada Business Registry allows registry searches for information from entities registered in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Corporations Canada and Ontario.