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New West Partnership Trade Agreement

Manitoba has joined the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) with British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. NWPTA’s goal is to reduce barriers to trade, investment and labour movement making it easier to do business across these provinces. Registries are working with the Government of Canada to deliver streamlined extra-provincial registration and reporting requirements.

Work is underway to implement the Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS), the new digital solution to share information among registries and for users to search its database. Canada's Business Registries is the portal available now to search information within MRAS.

To support Manitoba’s involvement in NWPTA, changes to The Corporations Act, The Business Names Registration Act and The Cooperatives Act and their regulations are moving through the legislative process. More information about changes to these Acts can be found in Bill 22 - The Business Registration, Supervision and Ownership Transparency Act, which received Royal Assent in Fall 2019.

The Companies Office anticipates announcing further information on specific changes in the near future.



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