Name Reservations

Name Reservations are required to ensure that business names are not too similar to names already on record. This helps reduce confusion in the marketplace and reduces the frustration that companies and consumers would face if business names confusingly similar to each other co-existed. We suggest that you review the following information before filing a Request for Name Reservation.

Choosing your name / Name Availability Guidelines:


Pre-search a Proposed Name (before filing a Request for name Reservation):
Before filing a Request for Name Reservation, we recommend that you do some research to determine if there are any identical or confusingly similar names that may conflict with the name you are proposing to register or incorporate. You can search the following databases free of charge:


How to file a Request for Name Reservation online - step-by-step instructions are available here.


My name was approved. What's next?
When approved, a name is reserved for 90 days. Please note the expiry date and ensure you file the additional documents to register or incorporate your name before the reservation expires (otherwise a new Request for Name Reservation must be filed with the fee of $45.00). When filing these documents online, you will require the Reservation Number located on page 2 of the approved Name Reservation.


My name was rejected. What's next?
While it may be frustrating to choose a name, only to have it rejected, it is to your advantage to determine if the name you have chosen is too similar to a name already in use. In the end, this may save you time and money by starting your business with a unique name.

If your name was rejected, a new name must be chosen and another Request for Name Reservation filed with the fee of $45.00

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